Ruffled Feathers

Come join us once a month for our "Ruffled Feathers Stitching Society Group"  we will learn all kinds of hand embroidery stitches while working on projects each month.  We are offering the "Stitching Society Hexagons" which is a total of 180 patterns worked with wool and embellished with beads, buttons, and embroidery stitches....  You will receive 180 patterns, classroom instruction, 12 different options of turning those hexagons into small or large projects, a handy binder to store all your patterns plus lots more. 

We will also, be offering for those who just want to hand embroidery options for working on those embroidery stitches.....towel patterns, quilt block patterns, etc. 

Ruffled Feathers Stitching days are once a month usually on a Wednesday from 9 to 2:30 and you will need to bring your own lunch.  I will provide snacks and dessert, coffee, tea, lemonade, and water.  

If you would like to sign up just email or give us a call at